Corentin Dancette

PhD student at Sorbone Université. Paris, France

Hi! I am a french computer science student, I gratuated from Ecole Centrale Paris, France, and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

I am currently a PhD student at the MLIA team, at the LIP6 lab, in Sorbone Université, Paris. I am mainly working on visual reasoning tasks, such as Visual Question Answering. My research is funded by the VISADEEP ANR chair

I was previously intern at the Cognitive Machine Learning team at Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Paris, as a machine learning research intern.

I’m very interested in machine learning and deep learning, more specifically for robotics, computer vision, and speech processing, and its application for AI research.


PhD Student, Sorbonne Université, Paris I am currently a PhD candidate at Sorbonne Université. My PhD subject is “Deep Learning for Visual Reasoning”.

Master degree, Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology I graduated from Georgia Tech, with a specialization in machine learning and interactive intelligence.

Engineering student, Ecole Centrale Paris, France I studied Engineering and Computer Science at Ecole Centrale Paris.

Internships and projects

Research Internship, CoML, Spring 2018
I interned for 6 months at the CoML team, a research lab in École Normale Supérieure in Paris. I worked on unsupervised machine learning for words and phoneme discovery in speech data.

I contributed to the package ABNet3, a siamese neural network for speech embedding. The package is available on github:

Study of the Variational Auto Encoder for speech subword modeling
For a class project, at Georgia Tech, I studied a variational Auto Encoder architecture for the Zerospeech Challenge, Track 1: unsupervised subword modeling. You can find my work here:

Deep learning for optical flow estimation, Fall 2017
As a graduate student at Georgia Tech, I worked on a project to estimate optical flows in a natural environment dataset. I used the FlowNet2 architecture. You can find my code on github

Software engineering internship, Datadog, Fall 2016
I worked in the data engineering team, managing data pipelines with Spark and Hadoop.



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  2. Overcoming Statistical Shortcuts for Open-ended Visual Counting Corentin Dancette, Remi Cadene, Xinlei Chen, and Matthieu Cord Visual Question Answering workshop, CVPR 2021 [Abs] [BibTex] [arXiv] [PDF] [Code]



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